The Puts-it™ – A Great Resource for Sewers with Arthritic Fingers




10% of my customers with Arthritis comment on how useful the Puts-it™ is for inserting needles in a sewing machine or serger!

The Puts-it™ referred to by many crafters, quilters, and/or sewers as part of their hand or creatively “their third hand” has become an important sewing notion in the sewer’s notion box.

The Puts-it™ has two very important features:

  • The squared tapered end, 3/8” in width, fits under the front of the presser foot for controlling run away gathers and pleats,
    • Ideal for controlling corners when machine quilting and appliquéing, easily lifts out bobbins,
    • Perfect notion for making a quick, easy crease.
  • The no-snag tip ideal for turning out collar points and stuffing tiny areas.
  • There is a tapered needle hole for inserting a conventional or serger needle into the machine while the needle clamp screw is being tightened.
  • Arthritic fingers will find this useful when replacing sewing or serger needles.

The Puts-it™ is the perfect notion for controlling, placing, and tracing. Add it to your notion box, right next to the Hump Jumper® and Buttonhole Buster, you will have all the sewing notions that solve such frustrating problems!