The Buttonhole Buster™ – The Solution for Sewing Buttonholes in Those Impossible Places




What is the Buttonhole Buster™

The Buttonhole Buster™ – the solution for sewing buttonholes in those impossible places: collar bands, narrow cuffs, and areas with lumpy, bumpy seams such as thick seam allowances in small places.

  • The bi-level bottom of the Buttonhole Buster™ is its creative feature:
    • The unique bottom allows the presser foot to fit snugly where thick seams that cause the general purpose or buttonhole foot to sit unbalanced.
    • Narrow pattern pieces such as collars and neck bands are examples of where seam allowances cause the presser foot to wobble due to uneven thickness.
  • To use Using the general purpose,
    • lower the presser foot into the grooved out section of the Buttonhole Buster™, between the long front feet, and continue sewing the buttonhole.
    • The grooved out area holds the presser foot in place while the elongated feet press the fabric firmly for a smooth even feed, helping to eliminate skipped stitches.
    • Use the metric/inch measures to gauge buttonhole length.
    • Placing interfacing between the fashion fabric and the facing will help insure perfect buttonholes in impossible places.
    • To assist with sewing buttons with shanks, use the keyhole opening on the opposite end of the foot.
  • Hint – use a piece of Velcro to attach it to your sewing machine, right next to your The Hump Jumper® – you’ll always have it handy!
  • Add your Buttonhole Buster™ to notion box, right next to the Hump Jumper® and Puts-it™, you will have the sewing notions that solve such frustrating problems!

The Buttonhole Buster™ is designed to help make better buttonholes. Remember; before you start your buttonhole make sure you complete the prep work: placement, measurement, interfacing, and double check buttonhole length with circumference and diameter of the chosen button.