The Hump Jumper®- Solves the Frustration of Stitching Over the “Hump”




The Hump Jumper®, the bright yellow sewing notion with the catchy odd name, solves the frustration of stitching over the “hump” – those places where varying thicknesses of fabric can throw a perfectly good seam out of line. Sandy, owner of the SN Designs Co, invented the one and only Hump Jumper®, the sewing notion solving those frustrating sewing problems in 1986!

The “hump” frustration is created when the presser foot is tilted out of the horizontal position necessary for a smooth, even feed.

  • Place the Hump Jumper® under the back of the presser foot, abutting the “hump.” The back of the presser foot is lifted, keeping the presser foot horizontal.
  • Allows for an even and continuous feed, eliminating skipped stitches.
  • Sewers know “humps:”
    • A zipper at the bodice, belt loops, pants hems, drapery, and craft projects.
    • Places where sewing thin bumps into sewing thick “humps”.
  • A bent piece of yellow plastic available in two thicknesses, 1/16th and 1/8th.
  • Why two widths?
    • Corners – stitch to the corner, lift the presser foot, keep the needle down, rotate the fabric 900, place the 1/16th under the presser foot, drop the foot and continue to stitch; sew a perfect corner.
    • When attempting a bulky spot at the beginning of a seam, place the 1/8th Hump Jumper® under the presser foot on top of fabric with the needle down, lower the foot, then sew.
    • This step will work with seam starts of sheer fabric using the 1/16th to stop “bunching up” at fabrics’ edge, and the bulky spot when beginning to sew a patch pocket; just put the Hump Jumper® under the presser foot before you start sewing.
  • Hint – use a piece of Velcro to attach Hump Jumper® to your sewing machine, right next to your Buttonhole Buster, they will always be handy when you need them!